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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Steady Progress

Please know we're as excited as many of you are to get back together. However, we want to do it safely and thoughtfully--especially because so many in our midst are at greater risk by age and health. As a community it will be helpful to continue being patient and flexible. The Covid-19 virus is still a real risk with real consequences.

One of the first steps required to reopen is formulating and documenting a comprehensive plan for our church to follow. It turns out there are many details and processes to be considered, of which, some will be followed and others will be set aside. "Thank you" re-engagement team; about a dozen Christiania members who are diligently working to document our the ‘guidelines and guardrails’ to be followed and also create our formal reopening plan. As soon as the process and plan (including dates) is ready, our re-engagement will share it with our Council who will formally accept and put into place.  

Moving forward will happen thoughtfully and slowly--but it will happen. If you're part of a group or leadership team please continue to meet together by phone or video conference. If you need help to set one up please let us know. We are hoping to worship together in the coming weeks.

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