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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: COVID Policies and Guidelines Approved

We are delighted to report our Church Council approved the work of the Christiania Re-Engagement Team entitled, Covid-19 Response Policy. In addition to this guiding document, the council approved these related guideline documents: 

  • Guidelines for Staff

  • Guidelines for Small Group Meetings 

  • Guidelines for Large Group Parking Lot Worship

  • Guidelines for Large Group Outdoor Worship

  • Guidelines for Large Group Indoor Worship

Thank you to all our capable and talented Christiania leaders who shared themselves and put in so many hours to help move us forward. Thanks for your willingness to share your gifts of experience, knowledge, organization, health, creativity, and faith (as well as many others). You have blessed us. 

Approval of our plan means we can begin to gather for worship. We'll start with 9:00 am this Sunday (June 21) in a Parking Lot Worship. It will be glorious to gather again--but it will be different than we're used to. We plan to remain in our cars and practice other ways of keeping each other safe. This weekend, for instance, social distancing will have us using about half the parking spots in order to stagger cars. You will need to register your carload and names ahead of time (find link below). Registering will help with our counts and allow us to keep a list of who gathered. In the case of a positive Covid-19 case among our people, a participant list allows contact tracing so we can notify others they may have been exposed. You'll be asked to enter only through our far east entrance by the kitchen and asked safe gathering questions by the ushers. 

In the weeks and months to come you can expect we will continue our online worship each Sunday at 10 am and Wednesday at 1 pm. The Worship Committee will announce ahead of time each of our face-to-face worship gatherings (Outdoor Parking Lot, Outdoor In Chairs, or Indoor Worship). Please be aware that moving from cars to chairs to sanctuary comes with increasing risk and more preparation details so together we'll need to continue to be patient and flexible. 

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