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Property Sale Update

There are now two separate parcels up for sale!  Rostered church members have a 10 day advanced sale opportunity before it is listed on the Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  This is a change in the amount of time mentioned in the August newsletter which stated 30 days.  With fall coming and a concern to keep the sale process moving, the council made the change.  So, starting on September 26 through October 6th, rostered members will have a 10 day window to place offers on either property.  On October 7th the offers will be reviewed.  The council is looking for a minimum of $300,000 for the parsonage lot and $200,000 for the wooded one.  If offers do not meet the minimum prices the next step would be to place them on the MLS with Bobby Johnson at Fieldstone RES.   Bobby will take inquiries from September 26 through the final sale. 

His phone number is 612-269-8916 or email him at or call Carrie at the church office.  All final sale offers will be voted on by the church council.

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This is an exciting time of REVIVAL at Christiania! We are confident that God is at work in our congregation. 


Following several months of reviewing the needs of our church building and gathering input from our members, the Refresh Team brought forward a plan which includes both an updating of the sanctuary and the maintenance needs of an aging building. On April 10 the congregation voted to begin the Revive Campaign with a second vote on June 12  to move ahead with the project. An additional item on the second vote was the sale of some church property to help generate funds for the Refresh Project. The most up to date information on current pledges and giving is below. CLICK HERE for answers to commonly asked questions, 

as well as videos and more information about the Refresh Project.


Blessings, Congregation Council

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Revive Campaign Letter

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Pledge Card

Current Giving Progress

CLC Revive Giving Chart 2022.09.07

As of 8/18/2022 the pledges were for $535,869 and the amount received for those pledges was $271,893. These figures do not include a $250,000 gift, $32,000 for roof insurance, $30,000 from the CLC Foundation

and $15,000 in memorials, totaling and additional $327,000.

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