Prayer Concerns

For these of our congregation:

Bridget Anderson

Crisa Silverness

Marjorie Tonsager

Margaret Corrigan

Ellie Panek
Melissa Hanson
Bob Jacobson

Sharon Syverson

Susie Stiehl & family

Carri Tuma

Cindy Hildreth
Carol Garant
Cheryl Shindeldecker

For all those who mourn:

The family and friends of Allen Mohn, who passed away in January. A memorial service will be held at Christiania on May 16. (private, family only.)

For all those working on the front lines fighting against the COVID-19 virus:

Alex Krenz

For friends of our congregation who are in need of healing:

Rod Skillman

father of Bo Skillman

Gale West

friend of Don & John Storlie


Britta Dumke

friend of Cathy Breyer


Maricia Horseman

friend of Don Hardie


Renea Wood

friend of Don Hardie


Kathy Mahowald

friend of Don Hardie


Mike Groves

father of Brianna Streefland


Char Meyer

friend of Sharon and John Mohn

Dylan Hart

nephew of Bob and Shodee Monio

Emmett Peterson

grandson of Mary and Warren Peterson

Phil Strom

friend of Doc Aacker

Mary Klockerman

sister of Karla Schrader

Michael Ford

friend of Lori and LeRoy Clausen

Wynn Ostlie

brother of  Joanie Eckdahl and Dick Ostlie

Gary Hunt

friend of LeRoy and Lori Clausen

Asher Woodard

son of a co-worker of Dick Panek

Amy Bement

friend of Lori Clausen

Mike Nordman

brother-in-law of Becky Ruen

PriCilla Bjorklund

friend of Cathy Breyer

Dan Clarke

nephew of John & Sharon Mohn

Greg Jeffers

brother-in-law of Becky Ruen

Justin Storlie

son of Joan & Ritchie Storlie

Mike Bean

friend of Dick & Ellie Panek

Benjamin Velasquez

friend of Matt & Stephanie Steinbron

Maria Sauber

parent leader of the Chub Lake Beavers

Brian Ortner

friend of Ron & Mary Ovans

Lee Jacobson

brother of Bob & Arlene Jacobson

Eunice Bue

mother of Jody Wilkins

Denise Neisen

friend of Lori Clausen

Matthew Ames

son of Alan & Fayette Ames

Palo Petersen

son of Linda Costa

Clarice Robertson

mother of Kim Robertson

Susan & Mike Khoury

friends of Clausen’s and Eckdahl’s

Dan Slater

friend of Andy Nelson

Corrine Manship

friend of Sandy Cross

Lynette & Ron Lindmark

sister and brother-in-law of Bonnie Lindquist

Wes Fausch

father of Adam Fausch

Mark Jacobson

nephew of Bob & Arlene Jacobson


friend of Geeg & Steve Aaker

Michelle Tannehill

cousin of Karen Lundeen-Fontaine

Chuck Crosby

friend of Lori & Mark Rogers

Norman Tempel

father of Scott Tempel


son of Deanna Opere & Mike Glover

Philip Tupa

son of Linda Tupa

Manda Warren Madvig

friend of members


son of George Kasper


nephew of Denise & Bill Kanfield


friend of Lori Rogers


mother of Rachel Fausch

For those serving in the military:

Andrew Johnston

nephew of Denise Kanfield

Brenden Rogers

nephew of Mark & Lori Rogers

Josh Dennehey

son of John Dennehey

Christian Weidling

nephew of Sherri & Mike Mohn

Max Baker

grandson of Sandy Cross

Billy Hukka

son of Beth Hukka

Miguel Nuno

nephew of Arcadio Gutierrez and Tania Drexler

John Rogers

son of Mark & Lori Rogers

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