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Tom Carlson's Celebration

On Sunday, August 28, 2016 Christiania celebrated the retirement of Tom Carlson

GOOD LUCK in your retirement Tom!!!!!!

Farewell Message from Tom:

I would like to take this opportunity to say a final farewell to the congregation of Christiania Lutheran Church and thank each and every member for all the love and support I have felt there for the last eleven years. I realize that these final weeks will go by in a flash and I will be soon missing all the friendly faces and the passing of the peace on Sunday mornings. However much I will miss you all, I must put my wonderful wife, Roxanne before my own feelings as she struggles with her many health issues.

Special thanks to Pastor Dave Mesaros whom I consider a personal friend. Pastor Dave was always very respectful of my time and the fact that I lived 35 miles from church. I was allowed to complete the majority of my work from a home office, which worked well since space was lacking at Christiania for an office area there. I was never asked to make an unnecessary trip to church which allowed me more time to honor all the special requests from Christiania musicians (you’re welcome Bruce).

Please welcome Matt Steinbron as you welcomed me in September, 2005, and help him keep the wonderful musical life you have at Christiania growing and prospering.

Tom Carlson

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