Christiania Treasurer Wanted

Christiania Lutheran Church is looking for an individual to fill its part-time (20 hours/month) Treasurer position.  We are looking for someone who has an understanding of basic accounting principles and is detail oriented, conscientious, and confidential.  Hours are flexible.  The position will remain open until filled.  Interested candidates should send their resume to Carri Tuma in the church office at

Job Description for Paid Treasurer Position


  • Qualifications

    • A working understanding of the Accounting Software used by Christiania Lutheran and basic accounting principles

    • The treasurer is expected to maintain the highest level of confidentiality of all financial matters

  • Expectations

    • The treasurer shall follow all policies set forth by the Financial Review Committee and the Constitution of the congregation.

    • Will report directly to the Senior Pastor.

    • Will be paid according to a 20 hours per month basis.

    • Will work closely with the Bookkeeper and Financial Secretaries to oversee all financial matters of Christiania Lutheran Church to ensure proper procedure and a timely manner in handling financial affairs. 

    • Will be responsible for updating the instruction book as changes are approved by the Financial Review Committee.

    • Will be signer for the checking and restricted savings account at CLC.  Signatures are required at New Market Bank and online banking passwords will be assigned once elected to office.  The Treasurer will monitor all line of credit determined by CLC.

    • Will be responsible for three keys for the following areas:  church entry (master), financial file- counting room, locked fire safe file-church office.

    • Will attend Finance Meetings, Executive Meetings, and Executive Council Meetings.

    • Other duties as assigned.