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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: [May 17, 2021]

Here is what the COVID Reopening team talked about at the May 17 meeting:

  1. Changes/updates to services based on learnings from services:

  2. Pew seating

  3. We value the positive impact masking, social distancing, hygiene and staying home if ill has made

  4. Based on this, we will stay with the old configuration of every other pew available for seating to allow for distancing, singing and adjusting to changing guidelines

  5. We need to continue to remind everyone through Pastor’s message, usher comments and email/bulletin/newsletter that it is OK to move seats if you are not comfortable. This includes the freedom to continue to wear masks in addition to social distancing. You have accountability for yourself to do what is comfortable for you/your family

  6. Seating in Fellowship Hall will continue to be an option based on personal preferences

  7. It will be the usher’s discretion – combined with that of individual worshippers – on how to seat in Chapel

  8. Usher escorts

  9. We need to continue to announce during service that ushers will be escorting the congregation out after service

  10. BYOC&C (Bring Your Own Coffee & Chairs)

  11. This worked for a small group and will continue until the full coffee service when Congregational Life can host

  12. Medical team update on any new information/best practices/recommendations from MDH/CDC

  13. When it comes to the safety of the congregation – we continue to value the guidelines being offered by the CDC and more specifically the MN department of Health’s StaySafe Minnesota recommendations

  14. We believe a relaxation of guidelines represents some degree of risk for those who choose not to add additional layers of protection such as vaccination

  15. That said, we value personal accountability for congregation members to make their own decisions about what is right for them and their families

  16. Staff should continue to follow the CDC/MDH guidelines