• Christiania

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Steps toward re-engagement

We're so thankful the new State of Minnesota Executive Order allows specific types of church gatherings and we're as excited as many of you are to get back together. However, we want to do it safely and thoughtfully especially because so many in our midst are at greater risk. So please be patient; Covid-19 is still a real risk and there are many details and processes we'll need in place keep us safe as we begin to gather together. Our re-engagement team is putting together a comprehensive plan which will provide the ‘guidelines and guardrails’ to move forward.

Moving forward will happen thoughtfully and slowly. This week the American Red Cross held their annual Blood Drive at Christiania and Saturday will be our Annual Outdoor Spring Clean-up. We are also anticipating an outdoor parking lot worship service in the coming weeks. As always, staff continues to work and serve.