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FEEDING of the (1)5,000


Our Executive Council voted to rally around serving our neighbor with food.  Jesus fed 5000 men according to John’s gospel, but the gospel doesn’t account for women and children in the crowd.  Since we know women were regular followers of Jesus, we can safely assume they were part of the crowd. 


According to Food Facts the average American eats 5.5 pounds of food a day.  Simplistic math calculates men alone eat 27,500 pounds of food.  If we estimate one woman and one child for every man using the national averages, Jesus feeds the 15,000.  This can be rounded down to 80,000 pounds. 


We calculated our present giving to food ministries last year and estimate we feed over 12.000 people!  Another 3000 is not really much of a stretch for us.  Consider what we are doing now, our mission garden and the Urban Venture garden, serving at Feed My Starving Children and Loaves and Fishes, food shelf collection and the money we give to the food shelves, Lutheran World Hunger, and other opportunities. 


Feeding 15,000 is not only our leadership challenge, but Jesus’ challenge. 


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